December 30, 2012


The man's got thorns in his eyes
Everything he sees just dies
His mouth is full of lies
For those who come unannounced
He just despises

He had lived in an envious world
But he was jealous of himself
Could he figure out what is worth?
Or was he meant to be placed in a shelf?

If those thorns were easily broken,
Dreams he would never ever had stolen
Feelings would never had frozen
Life would never be colder

Oh joy, oh joy
Was it there only when he was a little boy?
Oh joy, oh joy
Was it there hidden in his toys?
Oh joy, oh joy
Where did you go?

Someone wonders if he cries
Someone wonders if he paralyzes
Someone wonders if he beseeches
Someone wonders if he believes
In leap of faith

When nobody is around
Does he kneel and beg to surrender?
Those stinging eyes softly they become
Fragile and innocent
Or is it just an act for another cent?
Everybody wonders

When nobody is around
He kneels and begs to surrender
To leave this pretender
He is like everyone else inside

The man who has got thorns in his eyes
Has proved to have a soul otherwise
Everyone else petrifies

Oh joy, oh joy
The heart of a child still beats in this man
Oh joy, oh joy
Hope still survives inside

December 24, 2012


You were an overachiever
All you wanted to possess 
All you wanted was that crown 
Upon your head

You wanted to have it all
You wanted them to take a bow
You wanted the whole world
And so much more

Have you forgotten selfless?
Have you forgotten
There is so much more to embrace?
Remember what is worth it
Remember you can get hurt...

Sometimes, the more you get
The more you will lose
If you do not take care of it 
And swallow your pride at once
Because it will not
Take you anywhere
Please, learn how to love 

You were never blue-blooded
What have you done to deserve it?
Remember, somebody can take you down
Coming around full of harm
Who will guarantee your safety now?

You had it all
They took a bow
You had the whole world
And so much more

Will you be selfless now?
Will you remember good things to hold on tight?
Never let go of what is worth it
You will get what you deserve

You were an overachiever
All you possessed
You had that crown upon your head  

July 24, 2012

"The Dream"

Overused but misused
Soaked towels
Head is on fire
Have missed the train of thought

Something new to despise
But already knew the feeling
What is bad must be left behind
It is in the past
Although it cannot be undone

Only picturing perfect memories
Concrete they have never been
Wondering if the dream
Will ever survive
The loathe inside

Start over when the path is broken
Fearful to go on
But fearless inside
To chase a different kind of life

February 29, 2012


Wandering in this land for a thousand years
Nothing else seems to fear
Not even death scares anymore

There is nothing in this world
Craving to possess, but the blood
That is running through your veins
A whisper, a name, longing to survive

Running, running, running to somewhere
Trying to escape, safe and sound
But there is nowhere to go
You are already under a spell
Give me shelter, share your blood
Quench my thirst

Time to time, unchangeable
Not even wondering how is aging
Only observing the circle of life
When life has stuck itself a millennium ago

There is nothing in this world
That is more valuable than blood
The one that runs through your veins
A scream, the fear, longing to survive

Running, running, running to nowhere
Because nowhere is safe to survive
Hypnotized by the unknown
Give me shelter, share your blood
Quench my thirst
Because I'm a vampire
And blood is all I deserve

Try to escape
Try to run away
Life only suffocates
Come with me
Come away with me
You will be safer this way
So, we will share the same bloodlust

You will not miss what is gone
Past, Present and Future tense will be one
No more time to waste
Only a new life to be lived
You will be once more vivid

Bury all you have ever known
Somebody new you will become
The only thing you will yearn for
Is the blood that used to run in your veins

Welcome, welcome to the night
You no longer will dream or have nightmares
Welcome, welcome to the never-ending life
And say hello to the land
Where there is no tomorrow

We share the same bloodlust

January 20, 2012

"The Rise"

The lines are getting shorter
Like this life is passing by
So fast as the truth once blinked

What you wanted was far beyond at the door
But you would never know
It would be so cruel and a perfect lie

Shame is only seen in a denial
Why do you wait for something to get better
When nothing seems to get better?

Afraid to lose what almost got
But forgotten was and with a heart in pieces
Never mind about the past
It is the right time to rise
Like you have never risen before

January 12, 2012

"Broken Words"

Your broken words
They still breathe in my soul
You said I would never get anywhere
You said I would never reach there
You said everything would be unfair

All your words could not say
If you were able to write a love song
Because you have not found it yet
It is only because you were not able to feel it

Your broken words were wrong
Too late to you, Mr. Know-it-all
You could have had it all
You could have longed for more
You could have thanked once more

All your words wander in your lost thoughts
You are not able to feel a love song
Because you have never felt it
Maybe life is being unfair
Or maybe you are just damned
That you cannot feel loved

January 5, 2012


The city is drenched in red
Was it a warning or a thread?
Are we capable to survive to it?
Or are we going to regret the rest of our lives?

It seems our wisdom was not enough
To foresee every damage that has just come

We wonder if it is just a dream
We wonder if it really is happening
All circumstances tell you so
We are afraid to see through it, though
It feels like being punched in the soul
We placed ourselves in a giant hole

Every slice of a remaining life
Could be just a late victory of an early end
Will it be washed away
Or will the scars in the ground still be visible?

It seems the longest road found its end
With not enough time for amends

We wonder if it is just a bad dream
We wonder if it cannot be happening
Every circumstance tells you so
We were afraid to see through it, though
It felt like our souls were being hurt
While we placed ourselves in a giant hole

It was not to be forgotten
Things were not supposed to be bothered

January 1, 2012

"Stepping Stone"

Apart from the happiness you took away
Everything is going perfectly
I have never felt safe and sound
Out of your sight, away from your despise
Under my own ground

Imagine if it had gone on
Could have it been good or bad?
Ever since you have never learned how to love instead
Life will be your daily test
Nevermind about the past

Thank you for whatever you have done
Thank you but some things just went wrong
Thank you but we were not singing the same song
You could never hold on
You never held on

The precise moments could have been meaningful
If you had not been so despicable
It did not bother if it hurt
The bruises are in the look
The bruises are in the heart

Being thankful for whatever you have done
Stronger anyone else could become
It is the perfect stepping stone