February 9, 2017


Forget the unwritten pages
Have decided to start over
With a new plot
With a new main character

She had gone through a lot of pain
She had not earned since then
She had decided to keep her head high
And never bow to no one

All she wanted was a brand-new kind of life
All she wanted was to stay away from the dark
All she wanted was to stop hiding from the universe
All she wanted was to be seen and to be reminded

Forget everything you have heard of her
She is not the same, she decided to play the game
She was losing everything little by little
She was falling down

Once her weakness became her strength
She could finally fend for herself
Her lost road was finally found
The doors were finally opened

A brand-new life to a brand-new girl
She lost some battles but she outgrew them
She became who she wanted to be