January 1, 2012

"Stepping Stone"

Apart from the happiness you took away
Everything is going perfectly
I have never felt safe and sound
Out of your sight, away from your despise
Under my own ground

Imagine if it had gone on
Could have it been good or bad?
Ever since you have never learned how to love instead
Life will be your daily test
Nevermind about the past

Thank you for whatever you have done
Thank you but some things just went wrong
Thank you but we were not singing the same song
You could never hold on
You never held on

The precise moments could have been meaningful
If you had not been so despicable
It did not bother if it hurt
The bruises are in the look
The bruises are in the heart

Being thankful for whatever you have done
Stronger anyone else could become
It is the perfect stepping stone

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