January 20, 2015


Ratings are getting higher
Every time you take a picture
Of yourself
Doing whatever you are doing
Everybody seems to want a piece of you

Sharing all your secrets
Sharing your daily routine
Nothing is new anymore
Everybody knows it
It is an addiction

You can live without it
You will be fine
It is a Narcissus war
You just seem not to get out

This is how you think they will praise you
How about living in a flesh and bone world?
Since life is full of ups and downs
Sometimes it is better to stay hidden

Whatever is going on
No one needs to know
But now it has lost control

Missing something you needed
Things had certain meaning
Now it seems it is disposable
Memories slowly fade away
When they should stay forever

It will deceive you
You have been warned


January 1, 2015


Maybe we need a change
Maybe we need to make a change
Or everything will stay the same
Do you want to stand still?

Then, we wonder
"Why all those fireworks and resolutions
To everything stay the same?"
We dream of the new
But we do not make it true

Blow what is done away
And pray for better days
Make a move
Make it on your own way
Celebrate but do not forget

It may be a new tomorrow
Do not resent yesterday
Future, present and past tense
All we know is: life goes on