December 30, 2012


The man's got thorns in his eyes
Everything he sees just dies
His mouth is full of lies
For those who come unannounced
He just despises

He had lived in an envious world
But he was jealous of himself
Could he figure out what is worth?
Or was he meant to be placed in a shelf?

If those thorns were easily broken,
Dreams he would never ever had stolen
Feelings would never had frozen
Life would never be colder

Oh joy, oh joy
Was it there only when he was a little boy?
Oh joy, oh joy
Was it there hidden in his toys?
Oh joy, oh joy
Where did you go?

Someone wonders if he cries
Someone wonders if he paralyzes
Someone wonders if he beseeches
Someone wonders if he believes
In leap of faith

When nobody is around
Does he kneel and beg to surrender?
Those stinging eyes softly they become
Fragile and innocent
Or is it just an act for another cent?
Everybody wonders

When nobody is around
He kneels and begs to surrender
To leave this pretender
He is like everyone else inside

The man who has got thorns in his eyes
Has proved to have a soul otherwise
Everyone else petrifies

Oh joy, oh joy
The heart of a child still beats in this man
Oh joy, oh joy
Hope still survives inside

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