May 31, 2013

"Son Of The Universe"

Son of the world
Wants to rule the world
All alone, on your own
Money in the pocket
Soon to be a rocket
To take over the Universe

Stop this, stop this
You do not want this
You are calling your enemies
Hold on, hold on
Your life must carry on
Will you go on into this?

Son of the Universe
Have you stopped this?
Do you want more of this?
Will you take more risks?
Can you survive with a tip?
Can you just let it slip?

Stop this, stop this
Do you want to live?
Settle down and breathe
Hold on, hold on
Slow down
Something really good
Will come around

Stop this, stop this
What is truly worth it
You cannot take over
Hold on, hold on
Will you take it or leave it?
Better think of
What you truly believe