December 24, 2012


You were an overachiever
All you wanted to possess 
All you wanted was that crown 
Upon your head

You wanted to have it all
You wanted them to take a bow
You wanted the whole world
And so much more

Have you forgotten selfless?
Have you forgotten
There is so much more to embrace?
Remember what is worth it
Remember you can get hurt...

Sometimes, the more you get
The more you will lose
If you do not take care of it 
And swallow your pride at once
Because it will not
Take you anywhere
Please, learn how to love 

You were never blue-blooded
What have you done to deserve it?
Remember, somebody can take you down
Coming around full of harm
Who will guarantee your safety now?

You had it all
They took a bow
You had the whole world
And so much more

Will you be selfless now?
Will you remember good things to hold on tight?
Never let go of what is worth it
You will get what you deserve

You were an overachiever
All you possessed
You had that crown upon your head  

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