December 28, 2011

"Enough Time"

The clouds are crying
There is nowhere to hide the pain
After noticing everything you have become
Why do you do this?
Why do you hate this so much?
Someone is watching
Someone is watching carefully
Will you ever be merciful?
Will you ever be able to feel?

The end is approaching
Now you are in a hurry
To live what you have not lived yet
Will there be enough time
To do what you have not done yet?
Since you have looked for it
Will you die in regret
Or will you die in happiness?
You were born to save it
Not to haste the coming end

December 23, 2011


Reborn from the ashes
But was already gone
No one could believe it
Stranger to foreign eyes

Mysteriously coming back
Unfortunately that is a fact
It is time to pack the bag
Run away, run away

Face it could be easier
Ghosts rise to haunt us
We must be brave to defy it
Instead of hiding
We are all undercover heroes
Just believe it

Every ghost has a secret
Just need to find his weaknesses
Then find the reasons why
Why did he reborn from the ashes?

Mysteriously coming back
Full of secrets under the hat
It's time to face the fact
Defy it, defy it

Ghosts may haunt us
But we can push them away
Red light to those who frighten us
Green light to those who are with us
Alone we cannot defeat them
Together we can be invincible

December 15, 2011

"The Sun"

The blue sky has turned to gray
Ever since you have chosen not to stay
Nothing will ever fill the gap of a day
You have gone
And old we have become
Together, we were so young
We were so young

The wind blew our lost memories away
But it was not an option to breakaway
We never need to go to a different way
We never need to isolate
But it is not too late
This whole life has got a lot to taste
We can always embrace it

May the Sun brings whatever is gone
Because we have always been only one
Together, we are young
We are so young

December 9, 2011


We are strangers
In a strange world
The Pandora box
May never be opened
But the hope
Is the last one to die

We are the only one
Who do not know
Where we truly come from
Anywhere can be called
Home, home, home

We are lost
In the emptiness
Of the great space
Out there
Facing everything
Facing nothing
At the same time

We are the only one
Living among theories
Beyond ordinary knowledge
And no answer still
But anywhere we can call
Home, home, home

December 1, 2011


Waiting for forever
For a single chance
For some change
Something in exchange

Sitting and wondering
When this day
Will ever come
Seems distant

Only human
Ruled by mixed emotions
Never lose motion
Even in hardest times
Feet in the ground
Or lost in a crossroads

The greatest unknown
Scary it may be
Sometimes jumping
Is what you needed

You get stronger
When you find your spot in this earth
Someone is calling

There is no need
To wait for forever
It's getting closer
No need to be afraid
Hope is never gone

November 24, 2011

"What You've Done?"

The trees are dying
You are killing them
Can't you see the circle is dying?
The cycle is crying

You do not want to feel
The wind in your face
The smooth breeze used to come for free
Now we are dealing with what you've done
Now we are dealing with a future
That may never come

Roots are rotting underground
Glassy-blue ocean is getting oily
There is no smile in the face of a child
Can't you see what you have done?

You do not want to feel
What is surrounding you
They used to come for free
Now we are dealing with what you've done
And a future that may never come

Surrender, surrender
Before you regret
If you want it to last
Save it before it turns into past
Just surrender

All you wanted was to feel
The wind in your face again
To the smooth breeze you had to pay
You wished we did not need to deal
With what you've done
You wished we did not have to deal
With a future that never come

November 23, 2011


Flip your coin - heads or tails?
Today might be your lucky day
Make way to whatever you wish for
Because you just might get it
If you get it, do it well
Luck does not come from a spell
Life leads you to this way

November 13, 2011

"Sweet Valentine"

Sweet, sweet Valentine
Will you always be mine?
Sweet, sweet Valentine
Will you always be by my side?

Sitting on the porch
Drinking coffee
As we talk
About every step we walk
Together and forever

Sweet, sweet Valentine
Your heart forever mine
Sweet, sweet Valentine
Every day and night by my side

No need to linger
Have you at my fingertips
When you kiss my lips
In every heartbeat
Bit by bit

Sweet, sweet Valentine
Forever yours and mine
Sweet, sweet Valentine
Our love is from all sides

Sweet, sweet Valentine
You will always be mine
Always be mine

November 8, 2011

"Good Things"

Here is your gold medal
Which you gladly earned it
Place it in the top of your wall
And show it off to the world

They bow to you
The scream your name
A smile is upon your face
You hope it is not just a phase
What you don't know is
All good things come to an end

There it was your endless glory day
It was everyday in May
As long as it remains the same
Show it off to the world

November 4, 2011

"Wake Up"

This violent disturbance
Is already killing you
You wish the farthest distance
To finally set yourself free
But it's only just a dream

Wake up and be
Whatever you want to be
There will be harm along the way
But you're strong enough to take it

The evidence gets clearer
Each time they try to break you
You wish some kind of savior
And a different behavior
But it's only just a dream

Wake up and be
Whatever you dream to be
There will be harm along the way
But you're tough enough to take it

Your faith is hiding
Somewhere in your soul
Just wake up

November 3, 2011


So far way
So distant from everything
We have built with our own hands

So flawless
At least it seemed to be
But a crack left us aside

Bridges we have to build
To bring us back together
All over again

Isolated and cold
Nobody ever told
That this is how we feel

Those waters brought such pain
What we missed we might gain
Back to the train

Bridges we must build
To bring us back together
All over again

We will build it again
With our own hands
Leading us to our happy ending

October 30, 2011

"Sweet Symphony"

To the bottom
Where you truly belong
No time to long to live
It never seem too much
Living was your favorite drug
Until it wrecks you

It is too late
To be saved
What a shame
What a waste
This is unfortunate
There isn't anything else to do
Just wait for your time comes

A smile is seldom shown
You could run
You could crawl
You would not have it all
Living was your favorite drug
But it wrecked you

Papers reveal your sadness
Tormented by ghosts
All you wished was a sweet symphony
It is too late

October 24, 2011

"Nothing To Lose"

A question needs its answer
Or it just leaves empty spaces
Like nothing
Like everything
Like right now

You avoid
You dodge
But where is the meaning of it?
Explain it
Express it in your own words

You are not alone
Raise your voice
Instead of hiding it
Show yourself
You have got nothing to lose
You have got nothing to lose

Just let go of those pitiful feelings
When you are all screaming inside
Be part of the challenges
Defy them with the tip of your fingers
You cannot wait them to linger
Because you have got nothing to lose

You have got nothing to lose

"All You Have Dreamed Of"

Quite uncertain how it feels like
Will it ever feel the same again?
It is frigging scary just to think of
All life yearning and craving for it
It better not be a letdown

All you have dreamed of
Cannot disappear from your hands
Nobody will ever understand
The picture you stand in your mind
Only you can define
All you dream of

Why are you ashamed?
Isn't it part of your plan?
You seek it and you will live it
Only you will be able to feel it
Never stop believing
It will not deceive you

All you have dreamed of
Will let go of your mistakes
You will be safe in this shelter
Once you feel it
No words will describe it
And everything else will get clearer

You will feel it
You will live it
Time is waiting
All you have dreamed of

October 19, 2011


Some wrong steps
Some were right behind
All this confusion
Messing with your mind

Do not know
What to believe in
And do not know
What not believe in

This world swallows you
Swallows all of you
Were you ready to become
A monster
With a great magnitude?
Where is your attitude
To fight against it?
You and only you
Hold on tight to survive

Some unfocused thoughts
A train derailment
Gotta back on track
Before you know it
It will be too late

This world devours you
Devours all of you
Are you ready to become
A monster
With a great magnitude?
Will you cling to it until the end?
Or will you hold on tight to survive?

A monster
You must muster it up
You will find out
It will not be in vain


Go with your poisoned words
Were you meant to kill
Without using a weapon
Or any loaded gun?

This world never despised you
But you have despised it
Clearly, truly and faithfully

Nothing can survive
Around you, surround you
You suck the goodness inside
Like a vampire

Time to cut it out
So the garden can bloom again
Farewell, Oleander

October 17, 2011


Weakened Paradise
What have we done?
What have crossed our minds?
There is nothing else to do
This is a thunder-stroke
And the lightning stroke twice

Vain is coming with the rain
Greed is in every seed
Is it just like a living sin?
Every good thing is withering
Or leaving its soul somewhere far from here
Leaving us bleeding
Leaving us bleeding

Safety might be under the trees
But there is no tree here
You feel the pain inside
You try to figure out
Is there a place in the Seventh Heaven
Or will you die in here?

While it takes us over
There is nothing else to do
Than listening to the silence
This should-have-been-Everlasting-Paradise
Left us bleeding
Left us bleeding

"Land Of The Undead"

Who once was born alive
Can turn into ashes
Paleness of the skin
Dark make-up on the eye
The heart stopped pumping
Now it's neither alive or dead
Land of the undead

Who once had a soul
Soulless has become
A wish to kill
Living is like hell
Welcome to the land of the undead

It is unstoppable
Frozen as the time
No future is seized

Picturesque overrated being
Nothing but mean
Your desire was just to save yourself
When you were already lost
Try to tease me
Unleash the beast of you
This won't defeat me
You should stay at the land of the undead

Now that you are nor dead or alive
I can see in your eyes
You haven't changed
Now you are where you belong
Stay with your clan

Land of the undead
You buried who you were
No past, no present and no future
Plain life you certainly have
But your life's already gone
You'll never have another one
Not even in the land of the undead

Crash and burn
Forever and for always...
Land of the undead

October 14, 2011

"Hurry Up"

Hurry up, I'm sorry
Hurry up, you should be gone by now
Hurry up, this door is no longer opened
Hurry up, it's over
Hurry up, it's over

You were too close
But did not know much
You were too rushed
Thank God, for no "keep in touch"
You have changed a lot
But not for good
You hid under your black hood
Back to your true root

Hurry up, you must be sorry
Hurry up, you are gone by now
Hurry up, there is no open door for you
Hurry up, it's over
Hurry up, it's over

Say goodbye
Spare me from your lies
I just yearn for your made-up apologies
Say sorry
Spare me from your boring
I just yearn for the next morrow

Hurry up, you are sorry
Hurry up, you are gone by now
Hurry up, this door is locked
And the key is gone missing
Hurry up, it's over
Hurry up, it's utterly over

October 12, 2011

"Human Eye"

The scars are visible to human eye
But the pain inside only you can feel
And ignorance is bliss

It may take more than a minute or two
To figure out where to go
When there is nowhere to go

Smothered so damn tight
It cannot stop one single night
Are you just stuck on that tightrope?

Sleepless nights
A life without a right
A life without a price

Are we too blind that we’ve become pure evil?
My dear, once we had it all
Now we just jump right through the fall

We swear we are dreaming
But this is reality
Hard to deny, hard to deny

October 10, 2011

"Beyond These Walls"

Somewhere beyond these walls
Lies the truth, lies the truth
When the lies survive among us all
We are self-destructing
We are calling our own end

It's enough, I'm so over it
Can we finish it?
Can we finish it?
Are we able to start over again?
We need it, we need it
We need to start over again

Somewhere beyond this place
Lies happiness, lies happiness
When sadness survive among us all
We are self-destructing
We are calling our own end

It's enough, I'm so over it
Can we finish it?
Wish it were simple
Will we ever be able to start over again?
Because we need it
Yes, we need it
We need to start over again

We can't stop believing
Resurrect what we need
We need to start this world all over again
Or we are calling our own end

October 8, 2011


The first ten years
Seemed quite alright
Full of joy and light
Never thought 
It could be dropped so fast
But it is all in the past

The last ten years
Seemed quite tough
Full of pain and rough
Never thought
It could end up so bad
And it's all in the present

Ten years from now
Is a stream of doubts
Full of question marks
I should never think
There is no place for me
Because it's in the future

The last day of my life
I hope to be alright

Breaking Words - Back on Track!

Couple of months ago, I had posted my last post. But inspiration never let go, I kept on writing and writing. So, I decided it would be a great time for Breaking Words be back on track! There are many drafts on paper, fresh and ready to be posted. Once again, I feel flattered for those who were able to read my previous poems (some will be published again). As always, I hope you all enjoy my posts and feel free to comment. Because this blog is about life: its ups and downs.

Breaking Words

May 25, 2011

Thought Of The Day

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."Mahatma Gandhi

March 19, 2011

Thought Of The Day

"(...) never engage in a fight you're sure to lose. On the other hand, never let anyone who has insulted you get away with it. Bide your time and strike back when you're in a position of strength - even if you no longer need to strike back" (Quote from the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson; page 147)

January 13, 2011

Thought Of The Day

"If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?"- Sheryl Crow in the song If It Makes You Happy