December 28, 2011

"Enough Time"

The clouds are crying
There is nowhere to hide the pain
After noticing everything you have become
Why do you do this?
Why do you hate this so much?
Someone is watching
Someone is watching carefully
Will you ever be merciful?
Will you ever be able to feel?

The end is approaching
Now you are in a hurry
To live what you have not lived yet
Will there be enough time
To do what you have not done yet?
Since you have looked for it
Will you die in regret
Or will you die in happiness?
You were born to save it
Not to haste the coming end

December 23, 2011


Reborn from the ashes
But was already gone
No one could believe it
Stranger to foreign eyes

Mysteriously coming back
Unfortunately that is a fact
It is time to pack the bag
Run away, run away

Face it could be easier
Ghosts rise to haunt us
We must be brave to defy it
Instead of hiding
We are all undercover heroes
Just believe it

Every ghost has a secret
Just need to find his weaknesses
Then find the reasons why
Why did he reborn from the ashes?

Mysteriously coming back
Full of secrets under the hat
It's time to face the fact
Defy it, defy it

Ghosts may haunt us
But we can push them away
Red light to those who frighten us
Green light to those who are with us
Alone we cannot defeat them
Together we can be invincible

December 15, 2011

"The Sun"

The blue sky has turned to gray
Ever since you have chosen not to stay
Nothing will ever fill the gap of a day
You have gone
And old we have become
Together, we were so young
We were so young

The wind blew our lost memories away
But it was not an option to breakaway
We never need to go to a different way
We never need to isolate
But it is not too late
This whole life has got a lot to taste
We can always embrace it

May the Sun brings whatever is gone
Because we have always been only one
Together, we are young
We are so young

December 9, 2011


We are strangers
In a strange world
The Pandora box
May never be opened
But the hope
Is the last one to die

We are the only one
Who do not know
Where we truly come from
Anywhere can be called
Home, home, home

We are lost
In the emptiness
Of the great space
Out there
Facing everything
Facing nothing
At the same time

We are the only one
Living among theories
Beyond ordinary knowledge
And no answer still
But anywhere we can call
Home, home, home

December 1, 2011


Waiting for forever
For a single chance
For some change
Something in exchange

Sitting and wondering
When this day
Will ever come
Seems distant

Only human
Ruled by mixed emotions
Never lose motion
Even in hardest times
Feet in the ground
Or lost in a crossroads

The greatest unknown
Scary it may be
Sometimes jumping
Is what you needed

You get stronger
When you find your spot in this earth
Someone is calling

There is no need
To wait for forever
It's getting closer
No need to be afraid
Hope is never gone