November 10, 2013


Dear Innocence,
Were you washed away with the pouring rain?
Dear Innocence,
Is it too late to make amends?
Dear Innocence,
How come everything ended up so bad?

As if two different worlds collide
As if everything that is good disappear
As if every dream was in vain
It is a shame

Dear Innocence,
Why were you lost in pain?
Dear Innocence,
Is there anything left to blame?
Dear Innocence,
How come everything ended up so empty?

It is a never-ending war
Leaving things we adore
Still, hope is not to be ignored
But it is not the past we are looking for

Dear Innocence,
Do not leave us so soon...

July 9, 2013


You come along with your claws
Ripping out all that is worth
Just to show how much you deserve it

A self-centered mind never goes too far
Because reality have been put into a jar

You keep on claiming who you are not
Yet you think you are perfect
To every strange eye
Someday you will realize you are nothing

Narcissus once drowned in his own image
And there was no one else to blame
Will you expect the same ending?

A self-centered mind never goes too far
Because reality have been put into a jar

You could talk, run and crawl
To get back to the status quo 
But was not left any hope

You keep on claiming who you think you are
But mirrors never show your true image
Because it is already twisted, bent and broken

June 21, 2013

"Five Hundred Years"

Five hundred years hibernating
It is finally time to wake up
Before it gets too late
Before there is no room to pray
And to play the same game

Where is your strength?
You are so great
Will you let them deceive you
So easily?
So long being blinded
By those evil clowns
But it is no bread and circus

Five hundred years seems enough
Aren't you tired of the same old jokes?
With your fists way up high
Truth cannot be denied
Truth only we know
Truth only we can claim it

Will you let the future turn into past?
Will you live your dream and let it last?
Do not let them shatter all you have built
With your sweat and bloody hands

Those long five hundred years

May 31, 2013

"Son Of The Universe"

Son of the world
Wants to rule the world
All alone, on your own
Money in the pocket
Soon to be a rocket
To take over the Universe

Stop this, stop this
You do not want this
You are calling your enemies
Hold on, hold on
Your life must carry on
Will you go on into this?

Son of the Universe
Have you stopped this?
Do you want more of this?
Will you take more risks?
Can you survive with a tip?
Can you just let it slip?

Stop this, stop this
Do you want to live?
Settle down and breathe
Hold on, hold on
Slow down
Something really good
Will come around

Stop this, stop this
What is truly worth it
You cannot take over
Hold on, hold on
Will you take it or leave it?
Better think of
What you truly believe

March 28, 2013

"Flesh And Bone"

Shadows are your only friends
They know you inside out
Easily they figure you out
There is no need to hide
Like the tears in your eyes
They know your daily fight

Who is made of flesh and bone
Only get you wrong
Who is made of flesh and bone
Hardly pick the right one

The walls are your only friends
They know you upwards and backwards
They are awaiting with your award
They know how your life is hard
Sometimes it punches your heart
As if you have been apart

Who is made of flesh and bone
Forget how is to be alone
Who is made of flesh and bone
Hardly make it home

There is no time to rewind
There is nothing to apologize
When it is already done
When life is already gone
Rotten flesh and broken bones

February 3, 2013


He was a brave man
But who was there to see?
They just found ways to dodge him
So simple as it seems

All this invisibility was no good
And nobody could make difference
Just take a deep look
What do you really see?

Remember some branches may be weak
But the roots are the toughest ones
Do not be deceived by what your eyes cannot see
Find some clarity among all those common thoughts
Nothing can be ignored

She was a smart girl
But who would have known?
Just kept on hiding her words in a book
They said she was so odd
But who really did see her?

To be seen and not to be heard
To be heard and not to be seen
Wondering when you will finally
Be able to be seen and to be heard
It should not be this tough