December 23, 2011


Reborn from the ashes
But was already gone
No one could believe it
Stranger to foreign eyes

Mysteriously coming back
Unfortunately that is a fact
It is time to pack the bag
Run away, run away

Face it could be easier
Ghosts rise to haunt us
We must be brave to defy it
Instead of hiding
We are all undercover heroes
Just believe it

Every ghost has a secret
Just need to find his weaknesses
Then find the reasons why
Why did he reborn from the ashes?

Mysteriously coming back
Full of secrets under the hat
It's time to face the fact
Defy it, defy it

Ghosts may haunt us
But we can push them away
Red light to those who frighten us
Green light to those who are with us
Alone we cannot defeat them
Together we can be invincible

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