October 17, 2011

"Land Of The Undead"

Who once was born alive
Can turn into ashes
Paleness of the skin
Dark make-up on the eye
The heart stopped pumping
Now it's neither alive or dead
Land of the undead

Who once had a soul
Soulless has become
A wish to kill
Living is like hell
Welcome to the land of the undead

It is unstoppable
Frozen as the time
No future is seized

Picturesque overrated being
Nothing but mean
Your desire was just to save yourself
When you were already lost
Try to tease me
Unleash the beast of you
This won't defeat me
You should stay at the land of the undead

Now that you are nor dead or alive
I can see in your eyes
You haven't changed
Now you are where you belong
Stay with your clan

Land of the undead
You buried who you were
No past, no present and no future
Plain life you certainly have
But your life's already gone
You'll never have another one
Not even in the land of the undead

Crash and burn
Forever and for always...
Land of the undead

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