October 24, 2011

"All You Have Dreamed Of"

Quite uncertain how it feels like
Will it ever feel the same again?
It is frigging scary just to think of
All life yearning and craving for it
It better not be a letdown

All you have dreamed of
Cannot disappear from your hands
Nobody will ever understand
The picture you stand in your mind
Only you can define
All you dream of

Why are you ashamed?
Isn't it part of your plan?
You seek it and you will live it
Only you will be able to feel it
Never stop believing
It will not deceive you

All you have dreamed of
Will let go of your mistakes
You will be safe in this shelter
Once you feel it
No words will describe it
And everything else will get clearer

You will feel it
You will live it
Time is waiting
All you have dreamed of

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